Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Special Exhibits at the Faire

We have lots of special exhibits to augment our general exhibit of quilts.  This exhibit of "Mini Quilts" was really fascinating!
The two quilts below were all of  5" x 7"  and  4"x 5" respectively.  And Hand quilted!
These little 'rooms' were amazing, all perfectly to scale!
Some quilts were really pieced and quilted and some were printed on cloth and quilted and a few were simply photo copied onto cloth, such as the Pickle Dish top that yousee in the lower center.

When I came to this picture I thought 'Wow,  look the mini quilter even made a mini of our PVQA banner'  and then I realised it was a picture of our Bed Turning!  I had to laugh! But with the small picture of the old iron bed frame against the plan background it really fooled me!

The Bed Turning is another exhibit that is a big hit at the Faire.  Two shows both morning and afternoon Sat. and Sun.  Quilts, sometimes vintage, sometimes contemporary are stacked on a bed frame and then a narrator tells stories about them.  It's a lot of fun ( and a way of resting your feet!)

PVQA has 3 really active small quilt groups ( and sveral smaller groups)  that make quilts for charitable donation.  Each year they have a display to help generate interest and support.  

Since we use the County Faire grounds for our show we can avail ourselves of this giant display window for dolls, purses and other small items that might need the extra security.

This year the display included some post card quilts.
Last but not least our Opportunity Quilt!  This year's an old favorite in contemporary colors! 
The reverse color scheme in this Bourgoyne Surrounded quilt makes for a wonderful blue and white quilt!  Always a crowd pleaser and The Opportunity Quilt raises a lot of $ for the guild!
Next time General Exhibit!
Cheers, CW


  1. Thanks again. I love seeing those fantastic quilts.

  2. I am totally at a loss for words! Those minis are unbelievable! I will keep coming back to re-look at those. Your guild's Opportunity Quilt is beautiful!

  3. Ah, those miniature rooms and quilts are amazing! It's looks like it was a fun event to attend.

  4. So happy to be able to see the show through your posts. Thanks for sharing and including the tags so I can also read all about them.