Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Quilt Faire Pix

Our Featured artist this year was our very own Mike McNamara or Mac as we all affectionetly call him.  You might recognize his name as he is one of the featured Men in Joe Cunningham's book "Men and the Art of Quiltmaking".   I am a great fan of Mac the person as well as his work!  He has been a steadfast pair of helping hands in our guild for 20 years and I love his free wheeling improv way of designing and making quilts!  I hope you enjoy these pix of his quilts (just a sampling of his most recent work).

DW #18- Sophisticated Lady- Notice the two arcs of yellow / gold through the quilt.

Mac adds some patches or a few curved pieces of yellow/ gold fabric in each of his double wedding ring quilts to make a nod to the name.  Sometimes you have to really look to see where the fragments of the rings are!
Ring # 20
Detail of #20
Rings #15 
Detail of #15
Rings #1 
Rings #19 
Rings #17
Rings # 17 - detail, Where does he get all these crazy fabrics?

Here are the "weeds"
Detail of Laurie and Bobby's Quilt 
Notice the traditional blocks mixed in!
See the scotty dogs?! 
I find Mac's quilts completely entertaining!!   And you might have notice all of the quilts pictured here are either gifts or charity quilts.  Mac is a very generaous person!
More pix in a few days!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. I was stunned and elated to learn I am to be the recipient of one of those seven quilts. How blessed is that! Mac is a one-of-a-kind guy to be sure, and uncommon in his generosity - both to his guild(s) and his friends.

  2. This is really my style. So fun to see. Longing for more, more, more.

  3. Mac is an amazing and unusual person so it's awesome that the guild honored him. I love looking at his quilts!

  4. Interesting quilts. My friend barb finds the weirdest? funkiest fabrics ever as well!

  5. Wow! These quilts are just amazing. Mac is very talented and generous!