Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Local Guild's Show: WOW!

  It was my local guild's 35th annual Quilt Show last weekend and I'm happy to say it's one of the best   we've had in recent years!  I've got lots of pictures to share;

 I'd like to start with one of my favorite's of the show...
Isn't it beautiful!!  And all hand quilted! 

This quilt was part of a retrospective of quilts made by our current President.  Here are some more... 

Wowser!  What a talented women and I'm thinking that last quilt must have been hand pieced and look at the amount of hand quilting in all of these quilts, really impressive!
More pix in a few days!
cheers, CW


  1. Thank you for sharing these quilts! Diane is certainly very talented.

  2. This is just WOW. What a talented lady. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Very nice quilts! Love the orange challenge.

  4. Claire, thank you so much for posting pix of Diane's quilts, as sadly I neglected to take any myself - and i LOVE her work! Yes it was a good show, wasn't it?

  5. Claire, it looks like it was a fabulous show this year. I'm sorry I wasn't able to go. I love the first one, which is the perfect model for our orphan block challenge, which Lori is plowing ahead on! Let's get together next week, if you have time.

  6. Wow is right! Very impressive work.:)