Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Little Shopping for myself over the holidays!

In Junior High (and it was clear that I really liked sewing as a pass time) my mother bought me and my sister a Singer 221.  I think it's almost smaller than a featherweight?!  It's certainly lighter!
Then in High School my mom said since I was sewing so much and getting into more complicated patterns etc.  we could trade the little sewing machine in for the bigger fancier Golden Touch and Sew.  I was happy about the trade and my mother was really pleased because the Salesman gave us the original value of the old machine toward the new machine!
Well I used that machine for probably 25 years until my repairman said It needed a major overhaul to get it going again and maybe I should apply that to a new machine *&^(*%!!!  Well, that Was good advice 'cause I bought a new bernina and that has been a great machine.  But part of me still pined for that little toy 221 and at the Dec. Guild meeting some one was selling one and on impulse I snapped it right up!  It sews great and I feel like my sewing machine collection is complete!

I hope all good things for you in the New Year and your machines hum and never have tention problems!  Happy New Year!

Cheers, Claire W.


  1. That's the machine that my family gave me as a graduation present for either high school or college--I think it was college. I loved that machine and made lots of clothes and my first quilt with it. In the 80s I was sewing so much that my parents decided to get me a bigger machine...and it was a Bernina 1260. I love it. I finally sold my Featherweight just a year ago, and sometimes I regret it, but I know the retired woman who bought it is enjoying quilting while driving around the country in her RV--hubby along for the ride, of course.

  2. Me. Claire...I am so happy for you! Enjoy your new machine. much love

  3. What a sweet machine!! Congratulations on giving in to a great impulse buy!!

  4. WOW!! What a darling machine!!! congrats!