Friday, July 22, 2016

Great use of BOM Blocks!

My Friend Ann Gavin used several of my BOM instructionals to create this original design / layout!
 Ann picked 4 of the 8 block designs that I posted in 2016.  The sail boats from June, the squares framed in green HST from Oct, the 16 patches from August and the 9 patch variations from Feb. Instructions for all these blocks can be found in the "PVQA BOM" tab at the top of the page.  By repeating these 4 blocks she made enough blocks for a bed size quilt!
 Ann very cleverly dealt with the fact that the blocks were not all the same size by organising them into rows and colums.  The 10" blocks went into the 1st , 3rd and 5th colums and the 16 patches went into the 2nd and 4th colums with a sashing strip at the top to make them 10" in height.. 
Then the colums were set apart by 3 rows of the red and white 9 patch variation blocks. Ann made the 9 patch blocks positive and negative (red in the center and then cream in the center) so that they create a secondary pattern.
The sail boat blocks were also light on dark boats and dark on light boats for added contrast and interest!
All in all I'm very impressed with her various adaptions in the block designs to arive at this wonderful layout!  yeah, Ann!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Cheers, CW

PS - Someone asked about the nice quilting it was quilted by Amy Jones from See Bee It Quilting in Morgan Hill, CA.  Sorry I should have included that info in the first place! 


  1. Very nice. I love it when someone puts their personal spin on it. Beautiful quilting.

  2. Yes, the quilting is very nice too. I will get the quilter's name from Anne! cheers!

  3. Love the use of the combined blocks. It really works!

  4. I like the combination of blocks and her colour scheme: it must be very satisfying to see work like this springing out of your BOMs.

  5. Great job, Anne! And great blocks, Claire!!