Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quilting a Panel

My Grand daughter welcomed a baby sister into the world this week.  Ari is 2.5 years old so being a Big sister may be a bit of a tough concept.  My mom use to always send "big sib" gifts to older children as a way of softening the shock of no longer being the only focus of their parents world.  I thought I would continue that tradition for my g-daughter.  I have made her several quilts already, but when I saw this Peppa Pig panel (her favorite cartoon character) I thought this might be a good choice for a "big sib" gift.
Quilting the background was no problem, some outlining and squiggly stippling covered that territory but I was at a lose as to how to quilt Peppa's face?!
I started out doing swirls but it did not look right.  So then I just went crazy and doodled all over, that seemed to work better.  I followed the old adage "when you make a mistake just repeat it so it looks intentional!"    
Well I don't think Ari will be scrutinizing the quilting but hopefully she will enjoy the quilt! 
Have a great week!
Cheers, CW


  1. THAT is adorable, Claire! And I think your quilting is perfect!

  2. Adorable!!! It's funny that I haven't heard of that character... Emma loves Paw Patrol but then she's all of 4--different generation!
    Congratulations on your new Sadie!!!

  3. very cute. I haven't heard that saying before but I kind of like it as a theme for my quilting and life.... "of COURSE I meant to do that!"

  4. A lovely tradition - there have to be some perks to being the oldest. Congratulations too on your new grand-daughter.