Friday, September 16, 2016

PVQA Sept. 2016 BOM

I'm calling this month's BOM  "Halloween O's".  The block is essentially an O and since Halloween is coming up I decided to use a layer cake of Halloween fabrics to make it seasonal!

Have you Checked your quarter inch lately?  Check out this post here!

The inspiration for this project was a vintage quilt  I saw a few months ago at the San Jose Quilts and Textiles Museum, in San Jose, California.
It was a wonderful show featuring Selected Quilts from Great Britain collections juxtaposed to Kaffe Fassett's interpretations of those quilts!
Here's the vintage version...
And here's Kaffe Fassett's version.
They are both really wonderful lively quilts and I thought both the block and the resulting quilt made it a good pick for a BOM.
People don't always have the "right " fabric in their stash for the BOM so I thought this month I'd use a Precut bundle that might provide all the fabric needed while offering a lot of variety!
 I'm always on the look out for good deals on the Internet and this Layer cake of MODA  Halloween fabric called Spooky Delight was on sale at Craftsy for 35% off! 

Here are the cutting requirements for two 10" layer cake squares.  This will yield 2- 8" unfinished blocks:  a light on dark and a dark on light.  But if you are doing more blocks you can mix and match the pieces anyway you want!
Place two 10" squares right sides together.
Cut 1- 4" wide strip off one side.
Cut the 4" strip into 4- 2.5" rectangles.
Cut a 4" strip from the remaining rectangle.
From this piece cut a 4" square.  Set aside the 2" x 4" strip.
Take the other 6" square and cut it into 2- 3" x 6" strips.
Here are all  the pieces for the two blocks (Light fab is underneath).
Layout these pieces.
Take the 2- 3" x 6" rectangles and cut as follows
Cut to make 4- 3" squares
cut on the diagonal to make 8 HST.
Sew on the diagonal and press to the dark side.
Square them up to make 8- 2.5" HST.
Lay out the blocks as shown. 
Sew the middle to 4" strips on either side and press the center seams to the dark fab.
Sew the HST on either end of the other 2- 4"strips.
and press thes seams  in the opposite directions of the center's seams. 
Refer to the pic below.
That way when you sew the top and bottom seams they will "nest".

If you are using any directional fabrics be mindful that you cut one set of stripes one way and the 2nd set the opposite...
so that when you put the HST to the side strips all the stripes line up!
Technically they are mirror images but not super impose-able!
Blocks should measure 8" unfinished.
I can't wait to see how these blocks turn out!  
Have a great weekend!  
Cheers, CW


  1. Great idea for a quilt! Can't wait to try it!! Thanks!

  2. Love it Ms. Claire! There is a blogger/instagramer from Chicago that follows you. She made a block that you had offered up and gave you said credit. I wanted to squeal "I know Ms. Claire!!!!" Best....