Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Imposter revealed!

Here is the block before assembly (just so you know I'm not trying to pull a fast one, lol).
You will find the block in the 1st column, 4th row position in the layout.

Two people guessed this block, Nancy and Mami, congrates, to you!  "Well Spotted" as they say on Safari!  And thanks to all who made a guess and left comments!  

My aim in using these fabrics was to make the block as innocuous as possible and use fabrics that I had on hand.  The tan stripe was a pretty good match to one of the fabrics in 3 of the blocks. The shirting fabric (which came from an old shirt)  seamed a better match than any of the vintage shirting fabs in my stash.   It did seam a bit bright but there are lots of other bright fabs in the original so I did not think that would make it stand out more than some others.  I might Tea dye it to tone it down and further camouflage it?

Now the trick will be finding some appropriate border fabric?!  I want it to be big enough to use as a bed topper.  At present it would only be about 45" square.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for playing "Find the Imposter"!
Cheers, CW


  1. Good "match" Claire! Obviously had me fooled.
    I'll have to think about thhat border ...

  2. Now that you tell us which one it is for sure it's clear that it's just slightly different. (Very slightly!) But all in all I think it's a good match with the other fabrics. When I went back to look at the previous post with the blocks together I think the background in this block actually looks a little darker than the other backgrounds. If I were making the decision I don't think I would tea dye this block. Well done, Claire.

  3. Well how much border do you need? I'm really bad with sizes ... how big would a "bed topper" be?
    You could do "irregular length strips" of tan/blue/creme/beige shirting fabric and four more stars in the corners (would give you a border as wide as a single block (don't make the strips match the blocks - or maybe just four different farbics, one for each side)

    Or you could a sort of chevron design: \ \ \ \ \ \ / / / / / / /
    for each border [narrow strips of pattern on wider strips of background follwoign the angle of the star tips and let them meet in the middle ...

    Just, whatever you do, I don't think you should break them up with a sashing - they form such a neat irregular unit.

    But congratulations on fooling me with that block Claire!