Friday, October 28, 2016

Three For the Road

I managed to deliver 3 Charitable quilts to the hospice program yesterday!  The quilts were all in varying stages of completion.  Sometimes just getting myself to snip off all the loose threads on the back or put a binding on is all that they need to be on their way but I just don't have the umph to get it done.  I have not actually kept track but I think a lot of my quilts wait longer for bindings than piecing or quilting?!
I think I actually posted a pic of this quilt a couple of years ago after I finished quilting it and then it sat around for another year or so before I got the binding on.
Below is the back.  I'm really trying to use large chunks of stash fabric to make backs.  Part of what my friend Randy calls a "Stash reduction program"! 
This pinky soft quilt is actually an Irish chain layout tho' you can hardly tell. So much for low 
volume contrast! 
                                            But I did like the way the quilting turned out!
Another pieced back.  Lord knows how long I've had that floral fab?!
This last quilt was actually an orphaned project.  The star blocks came to me all sewn together.  All I had to do was sew some borders on and quilt.  Easy peasy!
I like the way the quilting came out on this one too!
I like to try and make 8- 12 charitable quilts a year.  This bunch brings me up to 6 so I've got a ways to go, but I've got quite a few tops made so I still might reach my goal!! 
 If I can just get off my duff!! 
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Cheers, CW


  1. Congratulations on getting these done and handed on. How funny that you get so close to the end and then get stuck on the binding!