Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rainy weather allows for a lot of sewing!!

We spent almost two weeks at our cabin last month.  It was really nice but it did rain most days.
I brought a variety of fabrics so's to have flexibility in projects depending on my mood...
After the fun I had with the Halloween O's blocks made from 10" layer cake fabs ( read about that here)  I decided to try the O's in some vintage layer cake fabs.  I figured the layer cakes would provide a lot of variety without having to lug a boat full of fabrics on vacation. 

 These blocks are fun and easy to make but at 8" I've still got a ways to go before I have enough for a bed sized quilt.  And I did find that the colors in the layer cakes only went so far, so back to my stash I must go!
After the vintage fun wore off I switched to this Dr. Seuss Fabrics.  Again I relied  on a charm packet  to give me some portable variety and with two yards of grey I whipped up a kid quilt.  These fabrics are so cute!! 
 Now back to the vintage fabrics I used  some of the 10" squares to make these blocks.  It was kind of an experiment kind of like  disappearing nine patch block.  I think this method might be the BOM for Nov. so I will post that next week.  It was fun but the background fab is to busy to show off the interesting geometry of the block.  Higher contrast is needed to make the pattern work...
As a third alternate fab source I brought my basket of Batik scraps.  I had fun resorting the basket and decided on an easy monochrome color scheme of greens...
This is as far as I got on that, but then I grabbed all the browns and quick made this small lap quilt.
The quilt project for wheel chair bound vets asks for quilts that are 36" x 48".  I had just enough brown scraps to make this.  Nothing fancy but it will make a nice lap quilt.
Funny thing is...after all that intensive sewing I've been home almost 2 weeks and I've hardly sewn a stitch!  I guess I'm waiting for it to rain?!
Have a Great week!
Cheers, CW


  1. Wow, Claire. You dove in and got a LOT of sewing done! The strip of batik fabrics on the left made me think of looking through a very rainy window at trees in a wood. I especially like your "O" quilt and am looking forward to a high-contrast version of the disappearing triangles.

  2. I like the low contrast of your geometric quilt (quilt #3). You're right, the pattern is subtle but the feel is soft and I think its lovely. It looks like an easy one to make, too.

    Let's see... two weeks in a cabin in the rain, with a pile of fabric and a sewing machine ... sounds like heaven!

  3. I would love to spend a couple of weeks in a cabin with lots of fabric for company; you certainly got lots done!