Wednesday, December 7, 2016

October BOM in review

October BOM was a Sampler block which is why I never posted instructions but here are the blocks that were turned in at the November meeting.  Sorry for the poor photo I took it on my iphone and did not look at it very carefully and now the blocks have all gone home with the lucky winner.  It is still interesting to see what people made with the fabric provided!
Here's a pic of the blocks I made.  The packets provided the Fall theme fabric and the background and the only instructions were to make an 8" block with those fabrics plus one more if desired.
I chose the Fall theme fabric because it was #1 pretty and #2 even tho' we think of Fall colors as mostly yellow,red, rust and brown there are still a lot of shades of green around until there is a hard freeze.  The fabric is quite pretty because of the green (I think),
The days are so short now it's just passed 5:00 and it's totally dark outside!  Which reminds me I have not locked up the Chickens, yikes!  
Happy Wednesday!
Cheers, CW


  1. Oh those chickens!! I wasn't at guild in November, so I missed seeing these. Pretty!

  2. The aforementioned Lucky Winner agrees that it is the green that makes this fabric come alive. Thanks, Claire

  3. Wow. See what I'm missing by not going to meetings? Sigh ~