Friday, May 5, 2017

Update on March PVQA BOM 2017

These blocks were turned in at our April meeting for the "Tribute to Jean Ray Luary " which was presented at our March general meeting. (See link to original post below)  As you can see there were not very many takers for this project.  But that is not unusual for either applique projects or "Artsy" projects.  There's just something intimidating to some people to just making stuff up.

I think the people who did make blocks did a fantastic job!  These portraits are really fun and each one is unique!  These blocks will make a great wall hanging!
I decided my first attempt (see the link above) was to grimm so I made another portrait.  This one was not a self portrait.  I just wanted to make an interesting character.  She's kind of serious but she does not look as sour as my first attempt.  I seem to have a problem drawing smiles?!  
I don't feel like that, I generally think of myself as an optimist.
I thought it was a fun project even tho' the turn out was low.
Some Month's projects are just like that.
Happy Weekend!!
Cheers, Claire W.

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  1. These are great blocks - I like them a lot! I liked your first go too, though she did have a stern look about her.