Thursday, August 3, 2017

Road Trip

We are on our way to Washington state where we have a family cabin.  The journey from Santa Cruz, CA to the Olympic Peninsula is a two day car marathon.  We generally stop somewhere in central Oregon for the night.  Last night we ended up in Eugene.   I went for a walk early this AM around the old downtown where there are lots fun shops like this antique mall.  This display particularly caught my eye.
Sometimes Antique shops are so clutter you can't see anything properly but this shop had really nice vignettes.
Of course what really drew my attention to this vignette was the quilt!
A new pattern to me.  It was quite worn but that did not detract as much as it might have because the way it was worn was so consistent it kind of created it's own secondary pattern.  all the flowers on the outside of the bouquet had once been solid red but the centers have all worn away leaving the red scalloped edges with white centers.  It was still quite charming to my eyes.  
There were some other nice quilts in the window .
This applique,  another pattern I've never seen, really unusual!
And then this T block (?) quilt that was in pretty good shape and nicely quilted. 
Oh, if only I'd had time to wait for the shop to open...  I think I could have done some damage to my pocket book!  Ah, but we had to hit the road.
Happy Trails!
Claire W.


  1. Oh too bad you had to take the pictures from outside! Or maybe that was good. I was wondering how you managed to resist buying anything!
    Have a fun vacation!
    waving to you across the Cascades

  2. Sometimes it's definitely better if we can't get in the door!