Monday, October 23, 2017

Borders Straightened Out

I really loath back stitching.  I have on occasion spent more time trying to figure out how to correct a sewing boo boo without back stitching than just sitting down and picking the darn seam out!  Sound familiar?
Well on this occasion after about a week of grumbling to myself I finally sat down and picked the offending border out and realized my pattern wasn't as far off as I'd thought.  All I needed to do was reverse one section from the top to the bottom and all was set right!
And while I was grumbling to myself about that I did manage to get the border on the right sewn.  So that's a long way of saying... I am still working on my Halloween quilt and I have made some progress. 
It's clear I'm not going to be powering through to the finish any time soon but I'm OK with that and now that it's had a good start I'm pretty sure I can finish it by next Halloween. LOLOLOL!
And in my defense... while I've been dithering around about my Halloween quilt I have not been idle. I managed to finish a couple of charitable quilts! 
The center of this quilt was a flea market find.  All I needed to do was slap some borders on, quilt and bind.  I'll take advantage of free labor any day! 
 It's another 36" x 48" for Wheel Chair Bound Vets.  I have a hard time sticking to subdued color schemes so finding a brown and tan color scheme ready-made was a good start for me.
I quilted it very simply; loops and swirls all over.  It's fast and easy and lays down so's the fabric can do the talking! 
And I found this wonderful flannel for the back.  So soft!
I also finished this quilt.  I think I finished quilting it in Sept.  But being a rather  it large quilt (58" x 68') the urge to finish the binding had to wait awhile.  But you know how frustration with one project helps to motivate finishing another project... 
I quilted this one completely with random width parallel lines using my channel lock.  Very Modern!  This quilt will go to Camp Aaron which is a camp program here in Santa Cruz for kids who have / had family members who have/ are suffering from cancer.  Each kid who comes to camp gets to pick a quilt for their bunk when they arrive and then take it when they go home.  It's a great program.
Well enough rambling from me.  I hope you all have great weeks!
Cheers, Claire W.

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  1. Your halloween quilt is shaping up nicely!

    Love the fabrics in your Vet quilt .. but then, I'm a "brown" and "blue" kind of a gal .. lol!

    Your Camp Aaron quilt is delightful. (what is a channel lock?)