Monday, November 27, 2017

Last week ...

Last week was a marathon not a sprint!
- Monday - I got up early to beat the traffic to Sacramento to arrive by 9:00 to teach my Scrap Strategies class.     The class was attended by a really enthusiastic group of quilters and we all had lot of fun!!!

-Tuesday-  I walked along part of the Sacramento river to see some sights and get some exercise and then Tues. night I presented my Trunk Show for the River City Quilt Guild.  The whole guild was very welcoming and we all had a whole lot of fun!!

-Wednesday- I got up early again to beat the traffic to Berkeley where I met my sister to help do some chores at my parent's house and then race back to Santa Cruz so's I could get ready for Thanksgiving at my house.

-Thursday and Friday are kind of a blur but there was a lot of cooking, eating, cleaning, playing games, laughing and just generally having a whole heck of a lot of fun!

-Saturday- was putting a lot of stuff away and Sunday I actually got to do some sewing, Yeah!

Here are a couple of pix...
Got this flannel baby quilt top put together.  I think I started this about 3 years ago!  38"x 38"
'got this lap quilt 58"x68" quilted the week before and finished sewing on the binding!
This one was made with a charm packet of Dr.Seuss prints.
I would show you pix of our feast but I guess we were so intent on enjoying it nobody took any?!
I hope you all had wonderful Holidays!
cheers, CW


  1. What a fun week you had with quilting, workshops and best of all, family.

  2. Our family loves to play games too. It's usually boys against the girls and all ages get in on the fun.

    That's some sweet flannel. And you just reminded me I have a couple of pieces of Dr. Seuss somewhere. And aren't you just the famous one giving trunk shows and classes!


    1. Thanks Cathy, Not really so famous. My travels are relatively close to home, but it is fun and there's only so much teaching I can do locally before people say been there done that so I kinda have to look to adjacent communities if I want to continue teaching. That's OK, it's fun, and I like the variety! cheers, CW