Friday, March 23, 2018

Flanneling along....

The colors are a little off but this is what i've sewn so far..  I'm liken' it!  The outer beige border is calline for some (dare I say it?) Applique?!  I'm thinkin' it needs a vine with some flowers or something?
This is going to slow me down, but that's OK.  I'd rather get it right (from my own perspective) than have it finished and say "darn I should a dun it that other way!"
These are first world problems!
Have a great weekend!
cheers, CW


  1. That is adorable, Claire! So...are those sort of like "cheater" houses? I don't think it "needs" anything, but I can picture something red (or pink?) along the edge. Like the binding?

  2. That is coming along so nicely! I do love that fabric!! REALLY cute.
    if you want me to do the applique for you (on the machine), I'm happy to offer that!
    Bring it along next time you come over...

  3. Perhaps, rather than flowers, why not choose some of the stylized trees in the center of the quilt? Or you could choose to quilt the trees/designs that are in the center panel with different colored threads in the outer border. I don't applique so I would definitely go with the fun quilting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose to do with it!