Monday, October 29, 2018

A good week of Sewing!

Motivated by some pending Births I got a few baby quilts made.  That's always fun!  This first one was made from leftovers...
from this project.  I actually had to buy the pink border fab.  I have a whole stash of pink fab but nothing seemed to fit grrrr.  The blue would have worked like the first quilt ( and I have a lot of it) but this baby is a girl so off to the fabric store I went. 
This second one is still a top but I have plenty of time to finish it since the baby is not due 'til Feb.
Simple but sweet, also a color scheme for a baby girl.
I also dredged out this UFO.  It started with an Orphan project I found in the Guild Flea Market.  A whole stack of 9 patches and some fussy cut geisha fabric cut the same size as the 9 patches.  It was an interesting puzzle,  fun to piece.  A bit busy but it will make a good charity quilt.

This last project was a top that has been waiting to be quilted for awhile.
I knew I wanted to experiment with the quilting so I had to be in a particular kind of mood.
Some of it I'm happy with and some not-so-much.  But if you don't try things how will you ever know what you can do or not?!
It also will make a decent donation quilt.
I backed it with this lovely plush throw.  I wish you could feel it.  It is so lush and squishy.  I buy these whenever I see them on sale because they make such good backing for lap quilts.  It saves on money and time for donation quilts 'cause it's the backing and batting in one layer! 
I hope you have a good week of sewing!
Cheers, CW


  1. Great baby quilts!
    The geisha quilt is fun. It's amazing what some quilters discard after doing so much work!
    I like your method of using a really soft throw (Minky?) for backing AND batting. It will drape nicely and be very cozy.

  2. Your geisha quilt is almost 3-D, Claire. The geisha in the middle box looks like she's walking through an open door!
    The "experimental" one is way fun. Someone's gonna love it!
    And whats not to love about baby quilts?
    Good sewing!

  3. I'd love an excuse to make some baby quilts, but not a baby to be seen around here. I like the idea of batting and backing in one - saves effort but also makes the quilt slightly lighter.