Friday, June 26, 2020

Seeing Purple

Progress has been slow on the purple quilt.  That's the grad present for my daughter in-law who loves purple and she just passed her Board exams in Nurse Anesthesia!  So I need to get myself in gear and finish this quilt.
Monochrome quilts are so much fun to make because you don't have to be to concern with what goes with what 'cause it all goes together!
Take this grouping:  There's Japanese motif fabric, several batiks, 1800's fabrics and contemporary swirls,  all within inches of each other and they all play nice together!
It's also kind of a time line of my fabric purchases.  There's a batik there I bought in 1996, the first time I went to the Sister's outdoor quilt show.  And a couple of vintage fabs I bought when I first joined my local Quilt Guild.
Kinda scary I remember that kind of minutia,  especially since these days I can't even remember what I had for Breakfast!  LOL 
I really want to get this done, I hope upon my next post I will have something more together to show.
'til then stay safe and healthy!  CW


  1. Lol! Yes I love how just when we think we're losing our minds, our fabrics take us on a trip down memory lane and we remember all kinds of stuff! Maybe we all should be making a quilt for our own old age, with fabrics from our lives through the years, to help jog our memories. Meanwhile I'll see if i can dig up some purple scraps to bring you when I come over to wash my quilt.

    1. Great idea Sandy! Would it be a charm square quilt or something more complicated?! Looking forward to your visit!

  2. I like the checkerboard effect of your scrappy quilt in the last pretty. These shades of purples are gorgeous. I have very little purples in my stash yet I do like it. Happy Stitching!

  3. Lovely fabric details. So much fun to mix and blend so many different types!:)

  4. Lots of memories in fabrics. Very cool monochromatic yet scrappy and interesting blocks!

  5. Oh yes, every fabric plays ever so nicely together with this quilt. This is going to be lovely.