Friday, August 3, 2012

Scrap Strategy #1 - Sorting Scraps

Nothing spells retail therapy for me like a brand new bag of scraps!  Call me crazy but I actually buy scraps by-the-pound off the inter net.  I like the diversity!  And there is nothing more fun than sorting a new bag of scraps.  It’s like Christmas morning for grown-ups! 
Once the scrap bag is opened and decompresses you can see the bounty.  All sorts of fabric treasures await my discovery!
 Generally I dump the scraps on the floor and start by smoothing the strips and patches out and placing them into piles according to style and/ or color.  This particular scrap bag had an abundance of batiks.  Nice generous strips ranging from 1” to about 5” wide.  
Then I get out my fabric baskets and put the scraps in their new homes.   This bag went into the following categories.
1st row                               miscellaneous               large batik strips                 solids
2nd row   batik patches        kid fabric’s          holiday fabric       oriental      Geometrics

These are by no means all of my scrap basket categories but when I want to put my finger on something specific I usually only have to thumb through a couple of baskets to find it. 

This is just the beginning of a scrap adventure full of fun and lots of sewing.  Yeah! 
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. wow that is quite a haul, looks like a lot of material and such variety

  2. I wish you'd come and fill your baskets from my scraps!!! They're FREE! Very impressive purchase, though!

  3. OH, I love this!!! I have some scraps right now...but hey, when they are all sewed up, I am doing this!!

  4. No use sorting scraps here ... I sort by "small" which ends up in a shoe box and "big but smaller than a FQ"
    I guess I should cut more and sew less, that way I will get more scraps faster ...