Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks to Randy for the Retail Therapy!

Since I could not make it to the Sister's show this year I gave my good friend Randy some money to purchase some vintage quilts at our favorite antique quilt vendor.  I think of it as long distance 'retail therapy'!  Last week Randy and I got together and she brought me my quilts!   They are both just wonderful!  Great designs (kinda different),  great colors, really nicely quilted and good prices!  I could not be happier if I had purchase these quilts myself!

This is really a different kind of appliqued flower with scrappy background fabrics.

And the combo of the green, white and yellow surrounding the flowers gives this Grandma's flower garden a really cheerful and different look.

Look at the little girls playing with hoops.  What a great print and applique!

What great 30's prints and you can really see how the yellow/ white/ green makes a great combo!

See the wonderful quilting; really fine stitching and really close rows.

And an added bonus was how great the Grandma's flower garden looked on my daughter's bed against the sage paint!  Naomi has very particular tastes.  She's into 'high style' not vintage, but she recently moved to the big city so what she can't see won't hurt her modern sensibilities!

 Randy said it was a real group effort with her all of her friends there, so thanks to everyone who consulted with Randy!  I love my new vintage quilts!  And a special thanks to Randy for taking on the challenge!  cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire, it was a labor of love to buy you quilts you'd cherish since you hadn't been able to join us this year. The quilts are beautiful! Enjoy!!

  2. Wonderful quilts, and wonderful friends to shop for you, a win-win all around.

  3. I walked around with that grandmothers garden quilt for quite some time then changed my mind. I'm glad you ended up with it, as it is beautiful!