Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fabric Shopping on the Internet

I believe in shopping in my local shops and businesses.  So when ever I'm looking for some specific fabric I go to my local quilt stores to see what I can find.  However being the thrifty (and somewhat lazy) person that I am, when I want a random fabric fix I often turn to the Internet.
I recently bought a variety pack from Keepsake Quilters which was an excellent deal.  100 Fat Quarters for $99.00.  That's basically $1.00/ FQ = $4.00/ yard!  And it was a great mix of fabrics, all good quality and all (except maybe one or two) I really liked.
Out of the box...and sorted
You may think I'm nuts, but I guess I've just gotten to a place where almost any color or style is good and useable...somewhere!  If that makes sense?!

Over many years I've bought quite a bit of fabric on the Internet.  This has generally been a good experience.  Once in awhile I get some fabric which does not have the best  quality of grey goods  (the raw fabric upon which prints are made).  The texture can be rough or the weave loose.  But generally I have had good luck finding a much wider variety of fabrics than my local shops and at good or better prices.  I love scraps and variety and so I even buy fabric scraps and / or strips by the pound or in mixed variety packs.  In which case the savings are even greater.
You might recall my blog from last month on SortingScraps.  That was a 5 pound bag of scraps from  Equilter. A great value if you like scraps!
In the bag...and on the table.
That turned out to be a even better because it was full of batik strips which I happen to love!
I have not made a thorough search of the Internet shops but I have my favorites which are mostly based on the fact that they all have good variety, prices and sale items.
So here are a few sites to check out:
Excellent overall fabric selection. Their newer lines of fabric are pretty standard prices but click on 'precuts' and then 'booty packs' and you will find some good deals as well as my favorite= fabric by the pound! Also check out the 'Clearance' items, there are some great deals there too.
Good discounts on yardage (especially batiks) and right now they have a sale on books and batting.
Nice variety of fabrics and good to great deals in the 'Bargain Bin', Summer Sale,  'Scrap Bag' and 'Medley' categories.
If you visit Quilting Blogger (link is to the right) you have probably seen's coupons. It is a triple stop shop = apparel, home dec. and quilting fabrics and all at good to great prices.  But I have purchased a few bits of yardage here that were not great quality grey goods.  But mostly I have been pleased with my purchases here. Also if your purchase is over $35.00 shipping is free!  Sorry, I don't imagine that applies to over seas purchases?
Jubilee specializes in homespuns and they have good prices.  I actually have not purchased anything here but I'm waiting for one of their 'scrap bags' to come back in stock 'cause it looks like a great deal.

Well, those are a few of my favs!  How about yours?
Happy Shopping! cheers, CW


  1. Wheee. I've also gotten to the point where all the fabric works together, so no big deal about it. BUT I'd need the bag of just light scraps cuz I got soooo many darks and mediums. I buy from equilter cuz they are so easy to use. Also love Fabric Shack which lets you buy a minimum 1/4 yard. not always cut really well, but love that I can get smaller amounts. they have a great selection but not the greatest navigation. Made my first purchase from Hawthorne Threads. great site, low shipping and beautiful fabric.

    1. Hey Tonya,
      I will check out those sites! I agree navigation is a consideration. Equilter is a very well organized site. Some others...not so much. I meant to mention that. I like the 1/4 yard feature too. will cut 1/2 yards but connecting threads does 1/4 yards too. Thanks for you comment. cheers, Claire W.

  2. I like buying fabric online also but have mostly shopped ebay. I've gotten a lot of packages of precut I spy squares that way which gives me lots of variety. And I tried a seller called franks11 who deals in bulk, things like 10 different white on whites or 30 different baby. So far only two shipping issues buying online in since I started in '09.

  3. You are a great online shopper and very inspiring!! I like how you have all the fqs arranged so nicely!! That wouldn't last very long in my sewing room!!