Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Version of Martha's Quilt

I was looking through some old pictures and found a picture of an earlier version of Martha Washington's 'Smithsonian' top(see 10-20-12 blog).  This is the second version I made.  I was really glad I took these pics 'cause I gave that quilt away to a friend who has since moved.  You can see it really looks 'modern' when you use wild fabrics like this.  It was fun making but once I was finished I thought 'where will I put it?!'  But it turned out to make a great gift for my friend 'cause he is kind of a wild guy, so it was a good fit!

 I used a Dia De Los Muertos fab instead of toil.  Love that fabric, so campy!

I used an off-white cotton flannel sheet for the backing. With all the different colored threads in the quilting it made a nice pattern on the back.  I told my friend when he gets tired of the craziness on the front he can just flip it over for a rest!  It's all good!  cheers, Claire W.


  1. That's a very cheery one - and I'm still not convinced that there is "modern" quilting, maybe it's just not copy quilting - making basically the same patterns with current fabric ... and doing things wonky isn' modern either ... using lots of solids isn'T modern either - just have a look at all Welsh stipeys or all those turkey red on whit ones ... But I know - modern quilters will contradcit me very vehemntly ...
    ohh but I completely left the topic of your quilt - I will have to study the quilting more closely, that is the thing I have the least experience with ..

    1. Hey Leo, I don't know what is really considered "modern". I think I view Martha's quilt as modern looking because of the very graphic nature of the parts.
      The use of the striped fabric and the simple geometric forms used for the applique. Most applique from that time was representational (ie. a bird, leaf,vine, flower etc.). Martha's are simple circles and ovals. Cheers, Claire W.

  2. That one turned out really fantastic!!