Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Medallion quilt ideas...

I could go on and on about medallion quilts.  The layouts are infinite.  Here's a few more to support that notion...

 This top was inspired by the wonderful repro fab. in the center.  Another fabric I was loathe to cut up.
 The center of this quilt was a bunch of leftover 4 patches.  Not enough to make another quilt but enough to make an interesting center.
 Another 'theme' quilt made for my son during his baseball days.  Go Giants!  Sorry I just had to work that in!
 The center of this one was another leftovers thing.
 Oh my, another Paris quilt!  Actually this pre-dates the one in the last post, but the center fabric is that same fab. The layout is similar to the base ball quilt.  I have used that layout a number of times.
See what I mean about versatility?  I think they are alot of fun to design and not to difficult to construct.      If you are wondering about how to get the big square in square centers let me know I have developed an easy method which I can post.


  1. Oh I love all of them. I saw your last post and it inspired me to make one. It is a start, but not enough contrast. One has to start somewhere. I do plan on making more as I have always admire everyone I ever saw.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ... now I won't ever be able to cut into fabric again - they all look like made for the center ...