Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Much Does 10 FQs Weigh?

Why do I ask?  Well the blog Hop is over.  And I need to mail out some FQs!  The fellow at the USPS said under 13oz. could be sent by flat rate for $1.70 any where in the US. I wonder if I can find an envelope that only weighs .2 oz?!
I'd like to thank all the people who left helpful comments.  There were many and I am absolutely going to implement some of them as soon as I can consult with my techno support. So for my 'judges choice award'  there were two gals who really out did themselves I couldn't choose so I am giving them each 10 FQ's.  I hope you will agree these were both pretty clever submissions!?

First Carol M wrote:
CaroleMDecember 10, 2012 1:05 PM
I make the effort this afternoon
to leave a comment that will make you swoon
a poem, a rhyme, a bit of prose
I hope may leave a sweet scent in your nose.

Might I admit, if it is okay
that blog hopping tends to eat up my day
I come across so many wonderful stops
from page to page I seek and bops

And under the "C"s did I land here -
a pot holder tutorial from a quilting peer
And before my brain stretches any more
I'll end this poem and head for the door :)

Then Alice wrote:
 I have a new "comment", inspired by Carole M, a little poem about YOU!

Just who IS this quilter named Claire?
Well, read this as you pull up a chair.
She teaches, she quilts, she’s a mother and wife.
Like many of us, she has a full life.

I’ve checked through the posts she’s put on her blog
And wow does she ever do a good job
Of showing us quilters a thing or two
About just what in the world we should do
With all of these scraps that form a huge heap!

My favorite post’s called Scrap Strategy Two
Where she carefully shows us just what to do
To turn all of these scraps that drive us all crazy
Into a fun quilt that shows we’re not lazy.

Fun potholders here on this post can be seen—
Make one for a friend—she’ll call you Quilt Queen!
And the other lucky winners are:

Jmniffer = Grand prize winner
Thearica= 1st runner up
(Thearica was a close 2nd on the Judge's award, see it for a good example of constructive commenting)
Lou= 2nd runner up
Tammy= 3rd runner up
Rhonda= 4th runner up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog hop.  It was great fun, I made some new friends, learned a lot and I hope I can keep up with all the new correspondance. As Carol M wrote:

 "Might I admit, if it is okay
that blog hopping tends to eat up my day
I come across so many wonderful stops
from page to page I seek and bops"
Happy Holidays everyone!! Claire W.


  1. Ohh that are some lovely poems - and good luck finding that "feather weight" envelope

  2. You need to find a tyvek envelope - very light, but strong.

  3. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway here on your blog Claire!! I look forward to my envelope. :)