Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oy, Another Medallion

I finished another Medallion quilt, this one is really simple, but the fabric really makes the quilt.  Picking an interesting fabric for the center can make all the difference.
When quilting I treat each border separately,  When I use an interesting print I try not to cross over the design with quilting.  Usually, I echo quilt like here.  It's one of the advantages of using a longarm
More echo quilting.
When I have a open space I try to design a free motion doodle that fills the space.  I practice drawing it on paper until I can draw it fairly accurately in repeat.
On the border I used parallel wavy lines.  I use these a lot on borders instead of stippling cause I think it's less distracting over a pretty print like this one.  Something about the regularity of the design, I think.
This quilt is another one to be donated to  The City of Hope for a cancer patient.
Happy Holidays!  Claire W.


  1. You know I would say some of those prints aren't really beautiful (but that's just me) but put together they become something beautiful. Now I will have to add a medaillon to my "wish to-do list". They look so hmm clean and plain, far less distracting than heavyly patterned quilts.
    I have trouble to do anything but STD, it's always a huge internal debate to quilt over a pattern (be it patchwork or just a nice patterend fabric). But so far I liked the few ventures I made into "just close your eyes and go across the seams" - quilting.
    Maybe I should keep all my note papers that I doodle on while on the phone, maybe there will be some interessting quilting patterns in them.

  2. Very nice. And thank you for the info on the deifferent sections of quilting. It gives me ideas. :)

    1. I'm trying to provide more info. on quilting, that was one of the things that people said they were interested in on the blog hop.

  3. I like the way you put the swag in the first border off centre. It would have tempted me to centre the top and bottom but looks so distintive to have them offset.

    1. Hey Mary, I had to go back and look at the picture of the quilt! I confess that was not intentional. All I had of that print was a FQ and so I just cut the two parts that sort of matched and sewed 'um on. But thanks for the benefit of the doubt!
      cheers, CW