Friday, April 26, 2013

Wedding crafts

Well, a little after- wedding- craft- project...My new daughter-in-law entrusted her bouquet to me to figure some way to preserve it.
It was all purple Lysianthus.  Very simple nose gay style. It was a little bigger than this, I had already scavenged some blossoms when I took this pic.  But Lysianthus are very bulky flowers so I dissected out the petals and made this 'collage' designed after their invitation.

I trimmed a few of the petals to be heart shaped like the invitation.  My flower pressing skills are limited so I don't know if this will preserve well or not.  I have a friend who does calligraphy I will ask her to put their names and wedding date at the bottom to complete the composition.
It was kind of fun and different. 
 I did get to sew this week after all the family had gone home, it's fun but exhausting to entertain for a whole week.  I enjoyed my quiet sewing time.  I finished a top for donation to City of Hope.
Randy gave me a big bag of scraps a couple of weeks ago and I pulled these lovelies out.  I got the idea for the set from Jill's blog, Simple Frugal... which she had to close on account of spam problems.  Anyway it was a lot of fun and I just love leftovers and this set.
cheers, Claire W.
PS- My Husband and I got new lap tops yesterday to replace the burgled ones.  It's amazing how much faster it is than my old one!


  1. I have never seen nor heard of Lysianthus, wow are they stunning and I love how you are preserving them.

    Glad I am able to help in some small way with your quilt, love those purples and lavenders

    blessings, jill
    ps hope all is well after your scare with the burglars. Creeps!!

  2. That is a lovely idea and absoluetly gorgeous. Have fun with the fast new laptop. And I can't believe what you got out of scraps, very creative.

  3. Ohh that looks beautiful - to the pressing: well the colours will fade a little, even more so if they get into direct light later.