Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bountiful Bouquet

Well,  I've been spending way more time in my garden these days than my sewing room so I thought I'd post some garden pictures.
I decided to clean out my kale and chard bed today it was getting really scraggly and aphid ridden.  But the tops of the rainbow chard were so pretty I just had to put them in a vase!
Then I thought what worked for the chard will work for the arugula flowers so I put them in a vase too!
These flowers are very tastey and spicey just like the greens.  I'm going to try them in a stir-fry tonight. 
Well these aren't edible but as long as I was out in the garden taking pictures I figured I'd include some pix of my flower garden!
Can't get enough of that Toad Flax

Sweet Peas
So pretty and they smell so sweet, thus the name.
I could keep going,  I took 154 pictures. Ah, the digital age! And bless my camera, it takes great pictures even with my meager camera skills! 
 We did not have a huge amount of April showers but our climate always rewards us with a lot of May flowers!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. What a lovely treat to see all those blooms. And I can see why you would want to be out there with them.

  2. I'm enjoying my daffodils still! It's taking awhile for spring to arrive in Central Oregon, but it is coming... Love your flowers!
    See you in a little over a week!

  3. Claire, your garden is amazing. I seriously would love to have your expertise to help me do something with my mess of a yard...Will you trade services for scraps??? :-) Also very excited for Portland trip!

  4. Hehe you could always eat your firey bouquet in a day or two when it shows the first signs of hmmm being "lätschig" (ehh loosing some of it's strentgh sort of).

    You are really far ahead with all the flowers.

  5. Like you, I'm spending more time outdoors than indoors lately. Quilting always takes a back seat this time of year. Your flowers are beautiful. Love that rainbow chard !