Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Flowers

I'm working on some donation quilts I will have 3 complete in a few days in the mean time here are some more flower pictures.
Wisteria, I like the old fashioned varieties the best!
Pacific Coast Iris, native to the our coast, I've been working on a naturalized bed of them for many years.
Alstromerias- I can't believe I took this picture, It's all the magic of my wonderful camera!
Cinereria- another great naturalizer
oooh Rhododendrons

Hydrangea- I love that shade of lavender-blue, Perfection in a flower!
Oh Happy Spring!  cheers, Claire W.


  1. What great close ups and I just love the wisteria.

  2. I guess the flowers will keep us all occupied while waiting for you to show off the new quilts.

    That Wisteria is one of the plants I filed under "American" it turns up in a lot of books and even some movies - and I like the look of it though I have only ever seen one in person.

    Hmm I never heard of the "Cinereria" but I do like it looks less hmm pompous than a lot of those hybrid-blooming-plants - is it a shade plant?

    Oh my Rhododendrons - now those are some shrubs I'm not a fan of. I don't know why though. It's like some people don't like chocolate even though the majority of people does.

    Enjoy the spring!

  3. When we lived in South Carolina, I loved it when Wisteria was in bloom. I wanted to plant some in our yard but some of the ladies in my quilt group warned me not to. Said it was very invasive and could easily take over a yard.

  4. The wisteria is beautiful Claire!!

  5. GREAT pictures. Can't wait to see them in person for the un-wisteria party!!! :-)