Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 For The Road

I've been working on some donation quilts for  City of Hope cancer patience.  This has become kind of a regular donation spot for me 'cause my husband was a patient there last year and he received such incredible care.
Finished this one from the scraps that Randy gave me.
Fun to quilt, free form feathers and loop de loops.
I used a plush throw for the backing, very cushy and no batting needed and the quilting really stands out.
Started this one at Randy's Sun River house in December.
I just love these fabrics!  They are so pretty.  Notice the flat edge no binding!  I will blog how to do this  in a future blog.
I finished this quilt for the fair and I was going to keep it as a class sample for my Scrap Strategies Class but I decided to give it away instead.
Quilt details.
It feels good to know these quilts will be given to patience who tho' they are getting the best of care are going through some really tough treatments.  I hope the recipients are warmed and comforted by them!      

                                                                     cheers, Claire W.


  1. That is wonderful Claire. The quilt I made for my FIL he takes to his cancer treatments because he gets cold lying there. It is such a nice feeling knowing I can do something for him at this time. And I'm sure the patients who get your quilts will feel better too.

  2. Ohh I'm sure the quilts will make someone more comfortable. The Lavendar one looks very calming -

    The scrappy one looks huge - and I'm sure you have enough scraps lying around to make another one for a class... just make it in the class ...

    Do you lable the quilts?

  3. I'm sure the quilts will be loved and appreciated Claire!

  4. These are stunning! I look forward to your no binding technique!