Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Finish

Well,  I have lots to share about Quilt Market but I still have to get my pix organized.  In the mean time here's another finish with a chaser that I'm donating to a Raffle that's being organized by my sister and her friend who collectively run a small neighborhood Farmer's Market in the heart of LA!
I finish this top almost a year ago, but just got around to quilting it after my sister requested a donation.  It helps to have a few (well I have more than a few) tops hanging around that can be quickly completed for donations! 
Simple quilting and the Pear fabric worked well with the Farmer's Market idea.
The backing is an African Kanga (swahili word for sarong) with a strip of the pear fabric. I thought it matched the front colors rather well. 
Since my sister is not shy when it comes to asking me for donations she asked if I had any baby quilts lying around that she could stuff in a 'baby themed' raffle basket.
I groaned, but then whipped up this receiving blanket.  Doesn't take long if there's no batting and no binding. Just two layers, quick turned and away it goes!
I'm thinking about doing open studio's again this year I think I will whip up a bunch of these to sell.  They are so cute and easy!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire, you never cease to amaze me, the way you can combine fabrics with such a stunning result. Pear fabric? Who woulda thought.

    I like that idea for a receiving blanket. I never thought of piecing one!

    1. Ya just a little piecing to create interest and use up a few big scraps of kid's flannel. It's fun and soooo easy. Cheers, CW

  2. Oh the pear-quilt really looks perfect for a farmer's market. Also reminds me a bit of southern France. You can't really say no to your sister either ... makes me feel a little better about not really saying no to mine.
    Do you quilt those baby quilts after turning them? or just bind them? or do nothing at all?

    1. Good point. I should have mentioned that. Yes, I carefully press the edge seam so that it is nice and flat and I pin it. Then I quilt in the ditch or on the diagonal in the central part. Then one line of quilting midway around the border and lastly 1/4 in all around the edge seam, (sews the quick turned opening at the same time). I make the inner edge seam a little wider 3/8 to 1/2 to recieve the top stitching and bulk up the edge so it won't curl. cheers, CW