Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back Home...

It's nice to go on road trips and it's nice to arrive home again!   I did bring some hand work and that helps on those days where we were in the car all day.  I've been making blue work blocks for some time.  They are easier to take-along than quilting and more fun.  I started using patterns from Red work books but branched out by using drawings from coloring books etc. Here are the 3 I finished while on the road.
This one came from a coloring book of "A Children's Garden of Verses"   
This one was from some generic coloring book.
This one was traced from a book of butterfly drawings.
Of course while we were away the garden kept growing and so there were a lot of great surprises when we got home!
More lemon cucumbers than I know what to do with?!  Any good recipes out there?
Enough blue berries for a batch of jam!!!!!!!!!!! 
And oh!  the sweet peas are finally Really blooming.  I look forward to this time, all year!
How fortunate we are!!!
cheers, CW


  1. Those are cucumbers? Very different, hope they taste good. Maybe a relish? Your Sweet Peas are gorgeous, looking like frilly skirts. Welcome home.

  2. Welcome home, Claire!
    Lemon cucumbers... yum. At least they're not zucchini!
    I myself have enough yellow crookneck squash to feed an army.

    Your bluework blocks are darling. What a great idea, using coloring books.

  3. Colouring books are a good idea to use as embroidery templates ... I usually use b/w sketches.

    Those lemon cucumber thingies look weird. Can you pickle them? freeze them? make a letscho maybe?
    Are they sweet? do they have any distinguishing taste? just purée them and add some yoghurt or whipped cream ... That's the idea store for today.

    I think I've never eaten blueberry jam.

  4. Wonderful little blue work blocks! Can't wait to see how you're going to set them into a quilt!