Monday, August 12, 2013

Another road trip, More Blue work

We traveled from Santa Cruz, CA to Hood Canal, WA,  over the 2 day drive I managed another blue work square.

This one is kind of plan.  I left the top of the basket open with the idea that I will add in the date when I finish the quilt! I think that brings the count up to about 15 blue work squares.  A few more road trips and I will have enough for a quilt top!!!
My family has owned a cabin on Hood Canal for about 40 years.  The cabin is very rustic (that's a nice way of saying funky).  But the view makes up for the accommodations!
We've had beautiful weather here, sunshine everyday! 
I brought my feather weight so I've been goofing around on that when I'm not outside enjoying the wonderful weather!
I hope you are all enjoying your Summers where ever you are!  And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere I hope your Winter is a gentle one! 
Cheers, CW


  1. it's rained for days in n. west georgia , glad the weather is better for you

  2. Claire, the view looks lovely. I did go pick some tomatoes today. You have quite a garden!! Thanks for offering them to me. Have a great time and a safe trip back home.

  3. That water looks so cool and inviting I could jump right in. We haven't left NC yet were it is muggy and hot.

  4. I think my brain is turning mushy from all the reading - I always have to click a thousand times until I can leave a comment.
    Hehe the bluework with the matching blue glasses .. I haven't done any sewing in days .. almost weeks I will be soooo happy in the middle of September - going to enjoy the first holidays in years ...
    Oh well I better get back to reading - lunchbreak is over. At least I sort of like what I have to read.
    Enjoy the rest of your days in the funky rustic cabin.

  5. It looks really pretty Claire. I'd love to see it in person one of these days!!

  6. A funky cabin in the woods sounds like a wonderful destination. Road trips are a great way to get that handwork done. I never seem to find the time otherwise.
    That's a spectacular view. Looks like a picture postcard.