Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bias Quilters Reunion

When I first became a member of my local quilt guild (geez, almost 20 years ago) I helped form a small quilt group.  We sewed and quilted for many years together learning about our craft and sharing fellowship, but times change.  Some of us went back to work after our kids were older, some turned to other hobbies;  travel, gardening, other crafts etc.  But we have all remained friends and every once in awhile we get together and I am reminded what a great time we have when we are all together!

We got together for a reunion the other day at my house and I wanted to make it really special because it had been some time since our last get together.  I cleared the dining room table and brought out the linen.
I did not have time to make mug rugs or pot-holders for party favors... 
but I gratefully have lots of tomatoes to share this year so everyone got a baggy to take the first course home and clear their plates.  
Our friend Meryl made the cutest dessert, EVER!
Chocolate mice made with a chocolate dipped cherry, Hershies kiss for face and sliced almonds for ears set upon a wedge shaped rice crispies treat for cheese!
With raspberries and cream and yummy cookies brought by our friend Esther it made for a very elegant 
dessert indeed!
We were going to call ourselves the Un-biased Quilters ( an image of open mindedness?!) but the lawyer in the group, (none other than my good friend Randy of barristersblock.blogspot.compointed out that everybody has bias soooo we settled on "The Bias Quilters".  
That's funny 'cause in fabric the bias is the stretchy part and the non-bias is not so flexible?!
Go figure!
Biased or not we had a wonderful afternoon!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. what fun glad you all make the effort to get together.
    Love those mice I have seen them before but NOT on top of "cheese" that is so cute
    thanks for sharing
    btw love the name of the group :)

  2. Those mice are so cute, how clever. And what a clever name, and if you think about it in these years we all can use some bias in our fabrics (especially waistbands after a delicious lunch ;)

  3. How fun! Wish I was part of your group. And, I know you all probably ate well from the looks of the desserts!

  4. Aww so much great food - I'm getting hungry (ok that could also be because it's almost 8 nd I haven't had dinner yet).
    It's great to hear that you are all still friends even though you wandered off into different areas.
    I just have to say I'm extremly jealous of the raspberry dessert - hmm well of you having it. They are my absoulte favourite!

  5. Claire, I am sorry that I wasn't able to join in seeing everyone but I'm glad I was able to stop by for a little bit before everyone arrived. Ryan is still talking about picking raspberries at your house! I hope we can get together after my trip to Sunriver (which, incidentally just isn't the same without everyone here!).

  6. I love your first course, Claire. Were there any Hippy Zebras included? Interesting paradox concerning the word bias. Never thought of that! Glad you had fun with your gals.