Friday, September 27, 2013

About as different as two quilts can get.

I finished two tops the other day.  One I had been working on all week. The other just needed borders.  But it occurred to me that they were about as different as two quilts could be in design.  One really scrappy made of flannels and the other a foray into the Modern world.  I like all kinds of quilts and I try to make all kinds of quilts, but usually not all on the same day. lol
60" x 78"
I call these kind of quilts Big Chunk quilts 'cause I go through one of my scrap bags (in this case dark flannels) and I pick out a lot of big patches Some are 6" x 10" or more.  I just put them up on my design wall and try to make them fit together like a giant puzzle. 
54"x 68"
This quilt top was inspired by two free 4"charm packets I got from Andover at the Portland FabricMart.
The colored patches were slightly textured and the pallet seemed just perfect for a Modern quilt?!

The flannel quilt (I guess) qualifies as a UFO 'cause some of the scrappy units in it were leftovers from my previous scrappy flannels see here.  But the Modern top is a start and finish in a short space of time.  They were both fun and easy to make just very different.
cheers, Claire W.


  1. The contrast in your quilts just goes to show the diversity that comes along with quilting - so many possibilities!

  2. Oh wow - yeah those two quilts really are a contrast - but they are both beautiful in their own way. The first one a little nuts and warm and comfy and homey and the second one clear and colourful and ordered ...
    Can't say I like one more than the other - it just goes to show that you shouldn't get focused on "style" or conventions, just to what you think feels right.

  3. That fact that we can jump from one style of quilt to another, one right after another--that's the joy of quilting to me. We can do whatever we want, reflecting what we grabbed off a shelf or the mood we're in. Both of these quilts are unique, and I'm sure you had fun making each. Well done!