Sunday, September 22, 2013

Almost a Quilt?

Do double sided receiving blankets that are quilted count as quilts?!  It's kind of like a summer quilt for a baby, right?  Well whatever you like to call it I made one for my first grand child expected in Dec.  I've been hoarding some really cute flannels and thought it was a good time to break them out.

Especially this one with I Love Lucy.  Remember the episode where Ethel and Lucy get the job working in the chocolate factory?
 I've got a couple of other quilts going for the baby but I wanted to get this one in the mail because my son (the soon to be New father) is having a birthday at the end of the week And I wanted to send him a quilt for his baby with one I have made for him.
This is a summer quilt too.  I started this quilt for my son when he went off to Africa in the Peace Corps.   I told my son I was sending him a quilt he said don't send it 'cause he did not want to worry about taking care of it and getting it back home.  
So I put the quilt away and kinda forgot about it until the other day when I was trying to decide what to send him for his B-day.  I dug it out and finished it.
  It's nothing fancy but I liked the idea of making a Trip Around The World quilt for my kid who had, in fact, taken a trip around the world!  All the shirting plaids and chambray came from shirts that had belonged to his paternal Grandfather and the sun and moon fabric was some left-overs from Sam's bedroom curtains.  Fabric which he picked out when he was about 10.
I hope the kids enjoy their respective 'blankeys'.
Oh, and another UFO done!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Anything quilted counts as quilt in my book ... Congratulations on becoming a grandma!
    Of course now that the tiny quilt is done you will have to sew several more - kids grow up so fast - so better get started, and don't forget to get a candy jar and free some space in the fridge for the grand children's chocolate, and make sure your attic is full of mysterious things to discover ...

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