Monday, September 16, 2013

Vntage Tops

While at the Sisters show last summer I made a few vintage purchases. Kathie's blog on her 16 patch reminded me of this top.
It's a little younger and the layout of the blocks is different but it has the same 'graphic' feel to it that Kathie's quilt has.  
You can see the progression of the piecing in the yellow block.  It was probably constructed like a 16 patch but then the blocks were further combined to make the 8 x 8 patch blocks. The tag said 1920's.  I think that's about right, the indigo's and reds might be earlier but the solid yellow and orange I think are from a little after 1900.
The blocks are all hand pieced and the top has kind of a soft bouncy feel to it.  I love the crazy layout and vibrant colors.  I think this will be my next hand quilting project.  Here are some of the other tops I picked up that day...
 I love this churn dash, great indigo, pink and brown prints.  blocks were hand pieced and machine sewn together.

Somehow the Reds never photograph as vividly as they really are.  It's an interesting block layout.  Essentially a 9 patch of subunits of hst's but if you try to read the pattern from left to right it's hard to figure 'cause that end starts with only 2/3rds of the block.  Start by looking at the lower right corner and the pattern is clear.  It's the intersection of 4 main blocks that makes the large red hexagons which creates the secondary pattern!

Look at this charmer!  I wish I was better at applique I would make a reproduction of this for my first  grandchild.

I think this quilt was definitely a kit.  The vendor had another finished quilt with all the same blocks only a different color way.

My friends and I at Randy's quilt retreat had quite the debate about which quilt to finish. Altho' some of my Wisconsin friends were lobbying heavily for the red quilt I think I will stick to the checker board top.  Which would you pick?!
Have a great week!
cheers, Claire W.

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