Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blog Hop Winner and Holiday Aprons continued

Congratulations to Jo of she is my lucky winner of the Quilt Gallery Blog Hop!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks for all your interesting comments!  I've picked up a lot of great ideas for home made gifts!  I'm going to branch out and try some before Christmas!

Here are all the aprons I cut out on my last blog.  I got distracted with other projects over the weekend  but I managed to finish 8 more aprons!  
I keep my eye on the bargain table at my local fabric store for cute fabrics all year long so's the fabric usually cost me about $5.00 / apron!  Not to sound toooo frugal but cash out-lay at holiday time really adds up!  I love retro fabrics for aprons.  They seem to suit the style / garment?
I love Holiday fabrics (All Kinds) Here are a few xmas fabs.
The Blah Humbug was a great find 'cause I have a friend who is always saying that around this time of year (she really loves xmas but she likes to pretend she is a Humbug)  so that apron will be perfect for her!
If you need another quick gift idea here's a link to my Quilt Gallery blog hop post from last year's Holiday Blog Hop.  My strategy for easy pot holders .
Thanks again for stopping by!
Happy Holidays!
Cheers, CW


  1. Still haven't gotten mine done, too much out of the house work getting in the way. But have it on my to do list for the weekend. Thanks for the instructions, it's a lot easier than the one I was planning to make. Happy Holidays, Chag Sameach, Mary

  2. the aprons are wonderful Claire!
    to whom is awarded the gray background with containers of veggies?
    love that one the bestest

    1. Isn't that cute fabric?! I'm tellin' you it's alllll in the fabric! What's your snail mail address? Send it to my email and I'll send you some, holiday hugs, CW

  3. I LOVE your fabrics - great aprons. Anne