Thursday, December 5, 2013

Side Tracked by the Button Box

This time of years my mind turns to little crafty ideas to give as gifts...I was searching for a few little stocking stuffers and went to my button box for inspiration.  Like the fish attracted to the shinny lure I got completely side tracked...and frittered away some precious sewing time on sorting my buttons.
I have bought more than a few grab bags of buttons in my day but there are also buttons from my mother's and grandmother's button boxes here.  It's so much fun just to think about the possibilities...Maybe string some for a bracelet for a little girl (or a grown up) and some of the one sided ones would make good post earrings.  Actually my favorite pair of earrings are made from a pair of antique gold buttons!  
My husband will be happy to tell you I am a hoarder.  Not true I say, everything I save has a purpose I just haven't figured out what that purpose is yet!
Don't worry, my hallways are not lined with  stacks of old Newspapers.
But I do like to collect little bits and bobs and think about what to make with them.
How about you do you have a favorite craft use for buttons?  (besides securing the front of you blouse)
Happy Holiday Crafting!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Oh Claire, don't get me started on buttons! and all that other ephemera we tend to collect. I'm still trying to think of a use for all those pieces of felted wool I bought. I'm sure you'll come up with some great gift ideas. You could always embellish your aprons ~

  2. I have some buttons that look just like yours, Claire. That large grey/green one; some of the reds; some of the blues. I can hardly think of parting with them so they don't get used. I just open the box and enjoy them now and then.

    It's fun to imagine my mom and grandmother in Ohio wearing clothes with the same buttons your mom and grandmother wore in ... maybe California?

    It's not hoarding when you're a creative person, Claire. All the things we find, save, and store in our closets and cupboards are RESOURCES! All available for some future use. My daughter once complained about all the stuff I have. It wasn't a month or so later that she asked if I had -- I can't remember what she wanted -- and I pulled it from my closet. They are all definitely resources.

    I hope you'll show us what you do with your buttons.

  3. I love buttons! They provide endless hours of entertainment for my grands when they come to visit and I am working on projects. I've gone 'down the rabbit hole' into my button boxes too, so I totally get where you've been. I've seen some lovely garments with buttons sewn on for embellishment in shapes like hearts and swirls, etc, but my favorite button craft will always be sorting and re-sorting!