Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hand Quilted Quilts

There aren't a lot of hand quilters in our guild these days,  but it's always a treat to see those quilts that  
                                                                       are submited.
This was one of my favorite quilts in the whole show!  Made by Carolyn Miller.  Carolyn not only quilts all her quilts by hand but she also generally hand pieces them!  I just love the asymetrical set of theses blocks.  Unfortunately you can't see the light blue embroidery in the inner border but there are a series of winter scenes, 'snowy cabins in the woods' etc.  I think it is a wonderful mix of hand work.  It is probably from a pattern but I did not get a chance to ask Carolyn the origin.
Here's a wonderful vintage quilt, I love the mix of indigos and pinks!
maker unknown.
This wonderful scrappy crosses quilt was made by Ann Rauen.
The patches that make the crosses are less than 1" square!
(Sorry the pic is blurry)
I don't remember the name of the owner of this quilt but it had an interesting storey. The blocks are signed by family members of a young woman graduating from school. (the aunt or mother of the owner) The top was then machine quilted much later.  I think the machine quilter did a fabulous job of keeping a vintage feel to the quilting!
I think there were a few more hand quilted quilts in the show but this is all the pics I have.
I'll post some more pix later.  Cheers, CW


  1. I, too, was very happy to see Carolyn's quilts at our show this year, as we seem to be losing so many of our "old timers".

    There's an interesting side story about how Ann quilted her cross quilt. I discovered while on White Gloves duty, that while the top of the quilt shows only hand quilting, the back of the quilt shows only machine quilting. You may want to ask Ann how she accomplished this!

  2. The tiny cross one is pretty cool!