Monday, February 24, 2014

PVQA 36th Annual Fair- Part-1

The Fair was FANTASTIC this year!  Some smart people on the Fair Committee decided it was time we change-up our display stands so almost all of the quilts were displayed in bays constructed of 10' metal poles and black back drops.  The displays were really wonderful!

This first batch of quilts were made in a class taught by our very own Mike McNamara. "Mac"  uses a whole variety of improvisational techniques to make very unique quilts!

Above is Mac's class sample.
by Lisa Saporta 
by Betty Whitman
I think this one is Sue Costa's (but this is all from my feeble memory)  
 There were quite a few more quilts from the class and they were all wonderful but somehow these are the only pix I got from the class.

These next 2 are also made by Mac.  They were in the general exhibit.  Mac makes wonderful abstract whimsical quilts and we are so lucky he is a part of our guild!

I think Mac said this one he used up a lot of Block of the Month and orphan blocks.
You can read more about Mac in Joe Cunningham's book "Men and the Art of Quilt making" or visit his website.
I will post more pix of the Fair tomorrow. 
cheers, Claire W.

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