Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Day after Valentines Day!

Well I'm in the middle of about 4 projects that need finishing by next Friday so some how this Valentines day missive did not get posted yesterday.
Last weekend at the  SF Quilt Away my Art quilt students were so exceptional and self- sufficient I even had a little time to sew myself so I finished this sample that I had started as a sample for the class.  I'm in the process of making holiday door hangers.  Thus the Valentine theme.  Except for the puppy fabric and batik behind it,  these are all scraps from scrap swaps.  Randy is probably looking at this and saying "hey, I recognize a lot of those fabrics..." lol, thanks Randy!  
These little projects go really fast when you don't have to cut a lot of fabric to get the variety you want.  That's why I'm always collecting little baskets of theme fabrics.  When they get enough scraps in them I lay them out and make little compositions.  See also my Halloween post here .
Happy day after Valentines!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Looks fabulous, Claire!~! And, yes, some of those fabrics look familiar!! :-)