Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flowers for the Bride?

One of many misc. jobs I had before becoming a full time mom,  I arranged flowers for parties and weddings. Evey now and then some family friend is getting married and I offer to do their flowers. It's fun for me to keep my florist fingers nimble and one less wedding detail they have to worry about. My dear friends Sun-ah and Charlie's daughter got married yesterday and they asked me to make the bouquet for their daughter.  Monica is a very independent minded young woman and decided she wanted to wear a traditional Korean wedding dress (as she is half Korean) and to go with it... she chose a rather unconventional type of bouquet!
Actually when she sent me the pictures of her dress and sample bouquets that she liked I kind of "got it" why she chose the succulent bouquet.   It was actually a lot of fun to research and design and I think it complemented her and her dress beautifully.
Of course there was such a crush of people around the new bride I did not get any great full length pix; but even in profile I think you can see how dazzling Monica looked!
It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was perfect for an out door garden wedding and a good time was had by all!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. A beautiful bride!! An unusual bouquet, but it does seem fitting. How talented you are!! (Will she be able to pot the plants? I was thinking if she could, how wonderful to have plants from her wedding bouquet!)

  2. Beautiful! I thought my bouquet of marigolds was unusual lol

  3. Wow! She is gorgeous. You are so multi-talented Claire. The bouquet s very fitting.

  4. I love the bouquet and the bridal gown. Very stunning and unusual.