Friday, May 29, 2015

A few more finishes...

I try to make at least 10 or twelve Charitable quilts a year.  I'm a little behind this year so I finished a few lap quilts to take to City of Hope Cancer Center last month.  There nothing fancy but I try to make them all different (to entertain myself mostly).
This was a trial sample of a much bigger quilt that I posted about here.  
Some times when I need to figure out how to quilt a large quilt I will make a lap size version and experiment on it; thus all the different squiggles! 
I've been trying to use up large flannel chunks so all these quilts have pieced flannel backs. Alot of those chunks are donated by my friend Randy.  Thanks Randy!!
This quilt started with some leftover my friend Esther gave me.  I love leftover (both the food and patchwork kind, tee hee)
That center flannel was soooo soft and cuddly!
This was a piece of already pieced yardage,  a real ready to go kind of quilt ! 
I feel very free to experiment on my charitable projects.  I figure the recipients are most likely non-quilters they will appreciate whatever cuddly textile they get?!
What's your favorite go-to pattern for a charitable quilt?
Happy Weekend!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire I just kitted up a couple lap quilts to sew at my upcoming quilt retreat. I also like to keep them fairly simple, and have practiced my machine quilting patterns on some, tho mostly use QITD and/or a simple grid. Stars are my favorite block patterns, which are fine as most of mine go to the injured vets at the VA Hospital.

    I love your Modern quilt at the top of your post! And the variety of quilting patterns really adds to it, IMO.

  2. These are all great charity quilts! I am sure the recipients are very grateful to receive them! You certainly do an excellent job of using donated fabrics. I like you idea of using a lap quilt to practice your quilting.

  3. I like them all Claire and there is nothing predictable about them!!