Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Visiting Gualala, CA. and Seeing Whales!

I was invited to teach a class for the Pacific Peacemaker's in Gualala CA.  It's a beautiful part of the Northern California Coast and the class was great fun!  Everyone really stretched themselves with the new techniques and came up with some great designs!!!
And as an added bounce while walking on the Bluff above the Beach in the morning I saw the most incredible show!
Sorry for the graininess of the pictures.  I did not have my good camera with me, these were taken with my iPhone.
I watched a number of whales cavorting around near the shore for over a half an hour!
 They were very close to shore because the bank of the beach is very steep and so it gets deep quicky.
 Here you can see a mom with her calf!  My Hostess at the hotel told me the mom's and calfs come in close to shore to rest on their long journey to Alaska and the other whales travel along to keep them safe from Orcas!
I really had to kick myself for not bringing my good camera.  Alas a real photo op missed ^%#%^$!!!
Here are some other great things I saw along the way!
Just North of Jenner looking South towards Bodega Head.  Sunny and clear a rarity on the Sonoma and Mendocino coast this time of year!!
Looking at the South end of Gualala Beach. 
Eceum on parade! 
Redwood forest. 
The Gualala Hotel, 1903. 
California State Flower in many shades.

And some of my wonderful students at Show and Tell.
This was a great group of quilters, really fearless and willing to try new things it was great fun working with them and visiting their guild!
One of the things I love about teaching my Scrap Strategies class is by teaching strategies rather than a pattern every quilt comes out different reflecting the makers creativity!  And it's so gratifying when students say 'It was so much fun' or ' I was kinda stuck in a rut and this has really helped me move on!'  I feel so fortunate to be a part of that process for some quilters!
And I feel so fortunate to be able to have such fun adventures like visiting Gualala!
I hope you are all having a great Spring with lots of fun adventures too!!!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. What a wonderful experience! I see whales off the Oregon coast, but never that close to shore!

  2. O h Ididn't know california poppy came itn that many colours .. mine is just a hmm dark yellow or light orange (but then I did simply steal some seeds from a garden) I usually run around with pockets full of seeds all late summer and autumn ...

    I bet watching the whale was a great experience ... some moments are meant to be just enjoyed - it's tempting to take pictures of every and all things, sometimes we forget to just experience ...

    I have to say the strategy results sort of fit each person ...

  3. How amazing to see the whales like that!! And your students did a fabulous job!!!

  4. Fantastic, Claire - even if your photos aren't pristine. Now I just have to figure out where exactly Gualala is!

  5. What a treat to see the whales! So interesting that they rest up there. Gualala looks like a beautiful area. I am sure your students had a wonderful time! Their quilts look great!

  6. Can you link your blurb about BOM to the current instructions? It would be helpful to guild members, and I think you intended to based on your comment at the meeting. I am writing minutes and will post your blogspot address there.