Friday, May 1, 2015

Malaysian Batiks #2

I went a little nuts on this trip...I bought a lot of sarongs.  One was more beautiful than the next!  And they were all between $3.00 and $10.00 per 2 meter sarong.
These first three sarongs are of a similar style and quality.  They consist of 2 panels repeated 3 times.
The cotton? fabric is a bit on the course side and I think they are printed not true Batiks; still pretty none- the- less...below you can see how the pattern repeats front to back.

 These next 3 are of much better quality cloth and labeled "Batik"!
 Usually good Batiks are actually labeled with a 'Batik' label, such as this one. 
Plus a paper label.
 This is the back side.
 Another style also from Buatan.

 I think this one is a print but the quality of cotton fabric is much better than the first 3.
No "Batik" on the label.
This Sarong was made in Sarawak one of two States of Malaysia in Northern Borneo.
The swirly things that look kind of like star fish are actually a design motif typical of Sarawak.  They are based on some 10,000 year old Cave drawings found in caves located in Sarawak.
Here's another 'Best Quality"  sarong.
Another "Best Quality".
Another Batik signature.
Yet another design!
Here are two with the same design and two different color ways!
If you are interested in the history and evolution of these wonderful "Art/ Fabrics" this is a great book.  It focuses on Indonesian Batiks but there is a lot of general info and great pix of these amazing  fabrics.
You might well ask,"What are you going to use these fabrics for?" or "How can you bare to cut into them?!"  Welllllll,  I don't know!  Some will become gifts, I might use one as a sarong for myself and eventually I imagine a few will get into a quilt or two.  Who knows?!
Right now I think I will just look at them and study them for the beautiful works of art that they are!
Cheers, CW


  1. Oh yes, just enjoy their beauty! Those are really amazing Claire! I especially love the 4, 8th and 21st photos. What a great variety!

  2. Definitely sure you'll come up with some very wonderful ideas to use these gorgeous sarongs. If nothing else, you can wear one on the way into the hot tub on your next trip to Sunriver!