Friday, July 24, 2015

Batik Scraps # 6 -Top finished!

Last Nov.  I decided I needed some more samples for my Scrap Strategies class so I pulled out one of my favorite Scrap Baskets;  the Batik Scraps Basket.  I started this top and two others and posted about it here.  It's a long post,  this top appears toward the end but it's interesting to see how each top takes shape.  I finished the other two tops awhile ago and just finished this one recently.
I like bar quilts a lot and it is a very easy way to construct a scrap quilt.  This quilt really grew into being a companion quilt for this earlier quilt that was one of the original quilts that got me started with my Scrap Strategies Class!
I changed the color of the solid bars to a color more complimentary to the predominant pinks in the newer quilt and decided to make the outer border asymetrical so their relative layouts are not exactly the same but the scrappy bars still give them the same flavor.
This method is so much fun I really enjoy the process it make the task of making class samples really easy!
Do you have a fun quilt process you go-to when you need a break from more demanding sewing projects?  
I hope your Summer is going well and you are having some fun sewing!!!
Cheers, CW


  1. I like the borders on your new quilt! I was thinking this would make a great quilt backing too.

  2. Very interesting process! I dig into my scrap bin occasionally for 'fun' quilting, but I don't have a set way of working. This has given me much to think about.:)