Saturday, August 1, 2015

Simple Modern Improv- Class Sample #1

I've been playing with Modern designs for a while now (see here and here and here ).  I really like abstract designs and I like figuring out ways to construct such designs.  So I decided to design some samples for a class based around these design ideas and techniques.
I think of these kind of designs like a cloth Ikebana arrangement.  Just seven or so elements arranged in an interesting geometry makes a great minimalist design!
I played around with placement ( the fun part!)...

And eventually settled on this placement.  All the pieces were sewn by machine even the in-set squares. I will post about how I did that another time.  
I think of designs like this kind of like a visual Haiku.  A few short phrases or elements that when juxtaposed create and interesting  composition?!
The're fun to compose and fairly easy to construct!
cheers, CW


  1. I'm really curious about the construction part - I mean the one horizontal fabric is easy explained as a cut and set-in, but the others are all miyying a lot of seams, they look like they were sort of reverse-appliquéed but that's not right either, because that looks different ... but I will just have to be patient ...

  2. I like this design! It is very simple but very attractive.I think it would be harder in a way to design with fewer elements, you would have to get them just right. And you did!