Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Japanese Fab Scraps

I'm linking this post to Scraptastic Tuesday (link button just to the right)  Check it out there are so many cool quilts out there!

I sort my scraps by color and sometimes by Theme (kid fab, batiks, sports, brights, Paris etc.)  I realised the other day that my scrap basket of Japanese /Asian fabs was getting rather full.  I have not to date used any of them.  I thought that might make a fun weekend project.
Here's how I start...
I put a bunch of the scraps from the basket on my design wall and start arranging them by colors, contrast etc whatever catches my eye that 'looks' good together.  Usually several potential projects emerge.  Then I sew these matches together and put them back on the wall.
I add and subtract from these units and group and regroup them.  You can see on the upper left are some stripy blocks that are the beginnings of the project in the first picture.  When I see that a group of units shaping up I start looking specifically for other strips that might go with...
Pretty soon I had 9 blocks.  The sewing is not fussy so it's really about the choosing and sorting not the mechanics.  
You can see there's still a lot of other stuff on the wall but one color scheme seems to predominate kind of in the center.  I removed all the 'noise' from the cream and red stuff and another project is taking shape. The removed scrappy units go back into the scrap basket for another day. 
This project will take a visit to my stash to fill in so it will not be strictly scraps.  But That's OK, I not a purist! lol
I think it will make a nice wall hanging!  
If you like abstract design you might try these techniques it is very freeing.  And really the scraps are free?!  It's just a matter of finding some play time!
How do you spend your sewing play time?
Cheers, CW


  1. Looks like you came up with another winner, Claire! One would never guess that came out of a basket of scraps!

  2. For your leftover random scraps ... why not chose a backround and order them looking like a chineese or japanese sign ... not 1:1 but just a general outline, the lines a little broken up / irregular in parts ... maybe use the sign for "broken" or "pieces" or "chaos" .... hmmm now I have new ideas for qilts (that I'm probably not ever going to sew) ... Or just place hem like one of those really narrow high painting (with the waterfalls and moutnaisn etc ... )

  3. Love seeing the process of how you worked with these scraps! I so wish my design board was bigger. And of course scraps are free. Some people actually throw them away! lol

  4. Thanks for sharing your process at #scraptastictuesday

  5. I really enjoy reading about your design process. The first quilt top looks great and I look forward to seeing the second one come to life.