Sunday, September 20, 2015

What to do with that bag of Flannel strips?!

Randy gave me a huge bag of flannel strips awhile back and I knew right-off what I wanted to do with them!
I need a nice heavy quilt for our bed at our cabin and with a bag of flannel strips and log cabin blocks I knew I could not go wrong!!
OK, so the blocks are a little wonky and the light "Barns" are smaller than the dark "Barns".  When you have more dark strips than lights the dark sides get an extra round of strips!  But I kind of like all those effects!
When it got this big (72" x 72") I thought it would be big enough by adding a nice wide border. But, after auditioning a bunch of border options I decided it would really look better as an edge to edge design.  So back to the scrap bag I went!  36 more blocks to go....
What's your favorite layout for Log Cabin Blocks?
I like 'um all but I kind of lean towards the Barn Raising Layout (as above).
Cheers, CW


  1. I think I'll give you all my strips and let you put them together for ME!! GREAT use of the flannels. It looks like a variation of a log cabin, actually!!

  2. i like the barn raising layout, too! It's really amazing that there are so many different ways to put the log cabin blocks together. Your quilt is going to be really pretty and perfect for the cabin!

  3. I love the wonkiness! What a fun quilt for a cabin.