Monday, November 16, 2015

Whims and Fancies Trunk Show

Thanks to Soma at Whims and Fancies for the chance to take a stroll down Quilt Finishes Memory Lane!

If your looking for the PVQA November BOM I will post it next Monday.

I went to my first Quilt Guild  "Show and Tell" in 1994 and I was immediately smitten with the World of Quilt Making!

 I like all Kinds of quilts and so I Make all kinds of quilts. How I decide what kind of quilt to make usually depends on who I'm making it for.   For gifts for friends and family I try to figure out what that person would like.  If it's a Charitable quilt it might be quite simple for time sake.  If it's for my own entertainment or a personal challenge I tend to make quilts that are Scrappy and / or abstract.  My website  is titled "Confessions of an Eclectic quilter", see what you think!?

Early Personal Challenges....
Blue and Gold- 1998
This was a very formative quilt for me.  The challenge was three fold: 1- I rec'd the blocks through a block swap so they were not all the same size.  2- It was one of the first quilts I quilted on my new Longarm (Very Scarry!) 3- How to work with a Scrappy look without it becoming a total mish-mash!
Work Smarter Not Harder- 2000
My Friends tease me about how many UFO's I have. 
 Every class produces another UFO!  So I started taking the same basket of fabric to every class.  This quilt represents about 5 classes worth of techniques.
Geisha Surrounded- 1999
I won these Bourgoyne Surrounded blocks (in amish colors) through my guilds BOM.  The problem was there was a huge difference in size between smallest and largest.  Rather than set them in the traditional setting I used them as a border where the difference in size would not be so noticeable.  I designed the center to compliment the border.
Dream Fabric- 1999
About half the blocks in this quilt were from a block swap.  I just love that hokey '50's fabric in between the blocks and this seemed the perfect use for it!
Long Standing Lone Star- started 1998 finished 2014!
This was a real exercise in patience 'cause the piecing was soooo tedious, thus the long time to the finish. 
Moterey Bay- 2014
I mostly make bed and lap quilts but sometimes I'll make a wall hanging for My Guild's quilt challenge like this one.
In recent years I have been experimenting with more abstract designs...
Flannel Scraps- 2009
This was the first in a long series of Scrap Quilts.  I teach a class using a variety of techniques I call Scrap Strategies.

'30's Scraps - 104" x 104"
Leftovers from '30's Scraps 
Batik Scraps #2 
Batik Scraps # 5 
Lately I've been dabbling with some "Modern Designs".
Modern Harlequin- 2015 
Simple Modern Improv- 2015

Color swatches- 2014

Modern Village- 2015

Shutes and Ladders- 2014
If you'd like to see some of my other quilts check out the tabs at the top of this page.
I hope you enjoyed my little retrospective.  
I have certainly enjoyed visiting all of the websites in the linky party!  What an amazing collection of talented quilters!
Have a great week!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Such a great collection of quilts! I love that your work is all so different.

  2. What a beautiful variety of quilts you have here! :) I enjoyed the show!

  3. Very eclectic assortment of quilts! Scrappys are such fun aren't they! Thank you for sharing your quilts with us.

  4. You are a very talented and innovative quilter. Especially love Gesiha Surrounded, Shutes & Ladders and Dream Fabric. Great scrap ideas.

  5. Fun to see how your quilting has evolved! Love the lone star and the border which is so perfect for it!!

  6. Wow - what a great trunk show. It is interesting to see the progression. It is interesting to see how a simple quilt like the leftover 30s scraps can be every bit as beautiful and a complex design like your lone star quilt. Thanks for a very inspirational trunk show. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit too. I wanted to send you a personal thank you note but you are a no reply blogger!

  7. You have a wonderful variety. Beautiful!

  8. I can see your love of exploration and challenging yourself in your quilts shining through!

  9. I loved seeing your quilts! I thought it was neat that you took leftovers from your '30's Scraps and made another whole quilt. I also love your Modern Village, it looks like a beach town and there is a surf board leaning on one of the houses!

  10. Wonderful quilts, Claire. I especially liked the Modern Harlequin and the flannel scrap quilt. Love how eclectic your work is. What a surprise...

  11. How lovely to 'walk' through your gallery of quilts. Wow....such intricate piecing. Each quilt is filled with gorgeous colour and amazing pattern. 'Tis lovely to have happened upon your lovely blog.

  12. What a great walk down memory lane, following your development as a quilter!!!

  13. Thank you so much for letting us see your quilts - so varied, interesting and so beautiful. Makes me want to get to work!

  14. What a wonderful and varied collection of work. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.


  15. Delightful group of quilts, so much variety! Thanks so much for sharing this eye candy!

  16. I really enjoyed seeing your trunk show. There are so many beautiful quilts - my favorites are the flannel scraps for the lovely variety of improv blocks and the color swatch for the gorgeous colors,